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For these pictures.... :iconbansheefay:bansheefay 0 0 I'm too busy... :iconbansheefay:bansheefay 0 1 On Angel Wings :iconbansheefay:bansheefay 3 0 Cracked :iconbansheefay:bansheefay 0 0 Hidden Message :iconbansheefay:bansheefay 0 1 Shadow Bark :iconbansheefay:bansheefay 1 0 Splinter :iconbansheefay:bansheefay 0 0 Berries :iconbansheefay:bansheefay 0 0 32 :iconbansheefay:bansheefay 0 0 Natural Glitter :iconbansheefay:bansheefay 1 0 Just a sign.... :iconbansheefay:bansheefay 0 0 Peace :iconbansheefay:bansheefay 1 0 Night Shot :iconbansheefay:bansheefay 0 0 Unsure cover is unsure. :iconbansheefay:bansheefay 0 1 Washed Up :iconbansheefay:bansheefay 0 0 Poor little aloe :iconbansheefay:bansheefay 0 1

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UntitledTale XD (page 1 I think xD) :iconpaurachan:paurachan 341 127 Bits and Pieces - No One Left Behind :iconbluepawproductions:BluePawProductions 479 80 UNDERTALE: Training with Sans :iconjwiesner:JWiesner 1,573 211 Reminiscence: Undertale Fan Comic Pg. 15 :iconsmudgeandfrank:Smudgeandfrank 2,680 1,391 Undertale - Sans is Getting Bullied :iconoctone-berri:octone-berri 5,090 924 Hindsight - Chapter 3 (page 2) :iconmyrling:Myrling 247 321
TMNT- Infected (fanfic)
    Scarred and battered by their previous encounter with their new-found nemesis, The Shredder, the turtles returned to the depths of the leaky, sludgy sewer that they blissfully called home. Of course, it was a sewer and everything-- meaning that it certainly wasn't the cleanest place in the world. Though it was the turtles' sanctuary, it continued to serve its intended purpose: cycling and recycling the city's flushed away sewage and feces. Constantly, the sewer floor was dripping wet-- filmed with unsanitary toilet water and leaking, crashed car oil that would seep through the manhole covers on the city's surface. Not to mention how poor the insulation was, and how the boys in green had to endure the harsh wind as howled through their living room during the winter season. Considering this, along with his open wounds and weak immune system, it would only be too easy for Donatello to become susceptible to the contraction of high-risk diseases.
     Tucked in bed, shivering thunderous
:icontmntloverxoxo:tmntloverxoxo 218 101
TMNT - 'Pillow'
Prompt: Pillow
Leo stared at the clock by his bed; 2.49a.m. He was overdue by roughly ten minutes-
The door creaked as someone padded into his bedroom.
-there he was.
Leo closed his eyes, his breathing even as he strained to listen.  The bed dipped as his brother carefully, slowly crawled in beside him, gingerly curling around his shell, his breath tickling Leo's neck as he sighed.  Raphael had been sneaking in like this for over a week now, and when Leo questioned him, he would simply mumble "nightmares" and promptly fall asleep, snoring within minutes.
Leo didn't mind in the least; beyond enjoying the unexpected company, he had been surprised to find he slept easier with Raphael's comfortable weight against him. But he was becoming very curious by now. Surely Raph wasn't having such a long chain of bad dreams?
"Raph?" Leo rumbled sleepily.
"Mm?" Raphael settled deeper into the mattress, slinging an arm around his waist, his hand dangling across his plastron.
:iconfulcrumisthebomb:Fulcrumisthebomb 221 83
TMNT -Sleeping Beauty :iconxskyecrystalx:xSkyeCrystalx 2,060 640 Wake up! :iconpenguinsfan90:penguinsfan90 142 7 TMNT - Grandpa Splinter :iconmyrling:Myrling 1,371 708 TMNT - Rocking The Cradle :iconmerrypaws:merrypaws 778 65 TMNT - There's this wall... :iconxskyecrystalx:xSkyeCrystalx 792 187
Dr Don - Chapter 12b (final)
Chapter 12: "Help me"
Part 2

He immediately spotted his brother. Donnie was sitting on the floor in front of an upside down cardboard box that was covered with small components of plastic and electronics. Leo quickly determined that none of it looked suspiciously sharp or harmful. The turtle himself seemed physically unharmed, but was clearly shocked by the way Leo had violently invited himself into the bedroom. Leo exhaled in relief, but then noticed the way Donnie was looking at him. His brother's posture had gone stiff and there was alarm written in his eyes, as if Leo was a dead ancestor that had come back to warn him about an oncoming disaster.
"... Did something happen?" Donnie finally asked with an uneasy voice. Leo could tell that it wasn't meant as a rhetorical question. Donnie looked like he was sincerely convinced that Leo was there to deliver some grave news. Which was a perfectly logical deduction considering the look of dread Leo had been sporting when h
:iconlokrume:Lokrume 50 119
Innocence :iconvividesigns:ViviDesigns 1 0 Dancing in the rain :iconhoschie:hoschie 7,020 685


I think I need to start posting here again.  It's been years.  But I feel I've lost touch with being artsy.  What do you all think?
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I haven't done anything with this profile for ages....I need to get back to that.  
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Tattooed Fay
Artist | Professional | Photography
United States
Bachelor's degree in photography from Columbia College Chicago in 2012. Loves photography, jewelry crafting, and any drawing with dots.


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